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Parenting The Athlete



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Tired of Being Pulled In So Many Directions?

You just want to do what's best for your athlete.


Parents, you are one of the most integral pieces of an athlete's development. You play a critical role guiding, encouraging, supporting and even protecting your athlete as they move through the sporting landscape.

You, just like your athlete, are in it for the long haul. No matter where the journey may wind up.

As a parent how well do you understand the process of athlete and player development?

Let me help you! 

Live Two-Hour Event

Parenting The Athlete

Helping you make the best decisions

For you, your family and most importantly, Your Athlete

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Live Two-Hour Event!

Parenting The Athlete

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Stay on the forefront of parenting your athlete.

As the parent of an athlete you have a very important roll to play in their journey through sport. We'll discuss what you can and should be doing as a sport parent to not only help your athlete enjoy sport but to help them reach their potential. We will  discuss strategies to help you guide and manage your athlete.

Learn the importance of understanding the Long Game of Athlete Development.

I'll share our Top Five Priorities for athlete development, performance and injury prevention.

Parents, you are more important and influential than you may think.

Critical Periods of Growth & Development

We discuss the importance of these growth & development periods for not only improving performance but also reducing the risk of injury for your athlete.

The Optimum Balance between Competing & Training

How this ratio should be adjusted as your athlete goes through the sporting landscape.

Sport Specialization

Is it good or bad? And how do you decide what's best for your athlete.

Injuries and Injury Management

Learn the importance of proper return to play strategies after an injury occurs. And how that may effect athlete development.

Is Talent Overrated?

What is talent? What do you need to know about talent development and talent identification. (hint: we are TERRIBLE AT IT!)

Traits of Top Performers

What are they and where do they come.

Why Do Kids Play? 

And why do kids quit sport. The results may surprise you.

The Business of Youth Sport

How is business changing the sport landscape. And it is NOT for the better!

Performance Strategies

I will share with you one of the MOST powerful performance strategies I have ever used with my athletes.

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We Don't Know - 

How Far Your Athlete Can Go.

We Don't Know - 

How Good Your Athlete Can Become.


BUT we can find out if we help guide them through the process.

I'm Jeff Krushell

Sports Science & Athlete/Player Development Specialist

Over the years I have been asked by parents and coaches to put together a resource that can help guide you through the chaos and confusion of athlete and player development.

It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the options now available in the sporting world. Should your athlete be in winter, spring or summer camps? Should they travel for training for showcases or to get more games in? Is there such a thing as too much training or competing? Private lessons, academies, club teams, conditioning and on and on and on...

We know you have your athlete's best interests in mind but the questions keep piling up...  So what should you do?

Maximizing human performance in elite sport is my passion. I have been guiding teams, organizations and high-performance athletes from amateurs to the professionals for over 30 years.

I've been very lucky to have worked in virtually all the major sports and then some  from baseball, football, hockey and the NHL to squash, tennis, figure skating, volleyball, skiing, curling and others.

My career in high performance sport has allowed me to travel across the globe to work with athletes, coaches and organizations in Europe, Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua, Curacao, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, the USA and coast to coast in Canada. I am excited to pass along the knowledge I have gained to better sport, help parents, coaches and of course the athletes.

Parents, I hope you will join me in a Special Two-Hour Live Seminar I'm calling "Parenting the Athlete" as we look at the latest information, science and research to shine some light on the major issues coming from the ever changing and evolving world of sport and athlete & player development.

I look forward to seeing you there.

"Krusher is 'world class' in every area of performance, strength  & conditioning as well as overall athletic development. Jeff has shaped, guided and led our athletic development program both on and off the field for 16 years. His expertise has directly impacted 100's of our student-athletes careers. Not only has Jeff made this impact within our program but has made this impact throughout the world of Major League Baseball."

Les McTavish,
Head Coach Vauxhall Academy of Baseball

"To develop the best and compete with the best, you must have the best. That's why we have used Jeff Krushell as our Athlete Development and Sports Performance Specialist for well over 10 yrs now. Jeff's approach to both athlete and human performance is unlike anything else in the industry. It defies the traditional model of performance management and uses a highly specialized holistic approach that focuses on all aspects of the athlete and the person."

Manny M. Schmidt,
President & CEO Link Management International NHLPA Certified Player Agent

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Parenting the Athlete

Brought to you by: Jeff Krushell & Krush Performance

October 25, 2023
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Advantage Sport Medicine & Physiotherapy

#101 190 Carleton Dr.
St. Albert, AB



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